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Market dialogue conducted by the Swedish Fund Selection Agency

The Swedish Fund Selection Agency and its office continuously communicates with the market. The information that is made public will be available on the website.

The Swedish Fund Selection Agency is required by law to conduct a dialogue with fund managers, industry organizations and other market actors. The purpose of the market dialogue is, among else, to gain knowledge on what the fund industry can provide based on the needs of the agency and available funds and fund managers. By collecting input from fund managers, the agency will be able to set better and more suitable terms and conditions during the procurements. During a market dialogue, the agency will also be able to inform the fund managers of its requirements and the desired outcome of the procurement, collect opinions and share information.

Market dialogue can also enable the fund managers to submit tenders during the coming procurements that to a high degree reflect what is needed by the agency. Through a continuous dialogue between the agency and the fund managers, the market is prepared for the coming procurements, creating trust and good conditions for a long term and stable collaboration. The dialogue can be conducted in different ways, for example by dialogue meetings, forums for discussion, external referrals or by sending out questionnaires with the purpose to gather certain information, a so-called request for information (RFI).

The market dialogue is conducted taking into consideration the the basic principles for procurement, and the information that the Swedish Fund Selection Agency shares with the market will also be available on the agency’s website.