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Ongoing procurements

The government has decided to replace the affiliated funds on the premium pension fund platform with procured funds. The Swedish Fund Selection Agency, also called FTN, has the mandate to procure, review and quality-ensure the funds on the fund platform. As stated by the Law on procurement of funds to the premium pension fund platform External link, opens in new window., the funds procured should be cost-efficient, sustainable, controllable funds of high quality that are suitable for the premium pension system.

Procurement of actively managed European equity funds with a primary focus on investments in large and/or mid cap (notice made 30-06-2023) External link, opens in new window.

Assets under management (as per 31-05-2023): approximately 11 billion SEK

Type of funds: Equity funds

Fund Category: Europe, actively managed funds with primary focus on investments in large and/or mid cap

SFDR: Article 8 and article 9

Number of funds to be procured: up to 6 funds

Important dates:

  • Last day to submit tender: 05-10-2023 23:59 (CET)
  • Questions must be submited before 24-09-2023 23:59 (CET)
  • FTN will answer questions continuously between July 31st and September 29th 2023.

Procurement Documents

Submitting a tender

Notice for the procurement of funds to the premium pension fund platform will be made on the procurement platform e-Avrop. A profile in e-Avrop is required to submit a tender in the procurement.

Participation requires the payment of a tender fee, which must be paid at the latest when a tender for a procurement is submitted.

To ensure that all potential tenderers are treated equally, no information regarding the procurement will be shared directly with individual tenderers. All dialogue relating to the ongoing procurement, including questions and answers, will be handled via External link, opens in new window..

Please note that documents received by an authority, such as tenders, are public documents and may therefore be disclosed in their entirety if someone requests access to them. However, information protected by confidentiality is not disclosed. It is therefore important that the fund manager clarifies which parts of the material submitted in the tender should be covered by confidentiality and describes in what way the Fund Manager would suffer harm if the information were disclosed. However, FTN will make an independent confidentiality assessment which in turn may ultimately be reviewed by a court.