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The first procurements

The first procurements will be initiated during june 2023. The aim is to complete a total of around 30 procurements up until mid-year 2025.

The transition to the new fund platform will done gradually in a process during which all existing fund agreements will be replaced by new ones as the categories are. The searches and procurements are planned to commence in june 2023 with the aim to complete around 30 procurements up until mid-year 2025. It is an ambitious pace, but the focus will always remain on quality, which is prioritized over the time plan. The categories that will be procured first, without mutual order, are:

  • European equity: active and index
  • Global equities index
  • Nordic equities, active
  • Global Fixed Income

The first notice for procurement was made june 2023 and covers actively managed European equity funds with a primary focus on investments in large and/or mid cap. Read more here.