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Contact information

Initially most contacts will be handled through the Executive Manager. At the bottom of this page you will find the invoicing address.

Erik Fransson, Executive Manager

Tel. No.: +46-10-454 29 14

Viktor Ström, Press Officer

Tel. No.: +46 73 321 64 46


Data Protection Officer

Anette Pettersson,


Organizational No.:


Tel. No., switchboard

+46-10-459 85 00 

Contact information for fund selection platform management

Group email:

Contact information for fund information and customer concerns at the Swedish Pensions Agency

Department Head: Estrella Zarate

Group email:

Contact information for the fund trading manager at the Swedish Pensions Agency

Handles issues such as buying, redeeming, Focus, notes, NAV reporting, cash management, price reduction and invoices.

Department Head: Anna Gasslander

Group email:,

Department fax: +46-8-658 13 30

Invoicing address:

The Swedish Pensions Agency is the host authority for the Swedish Fund Selection Agency. This means that the Swedish Pensions Agency handles purchasing, procurements and invoices.

Since 1 April 2019 all purchaes within the public sector are requriedby law to be electronically invoiced.

The Swedish Pensions Agency can accept invoices through the PEPPOL network. If using PEPPOL you will need to connect to the system through a company that supports electronic invoicing through PEPPOL.

Establish with your supplier of accounting system or invoicing system whether they are able to send invoices over the PEPPOL network. The Swedish Pensions Agency’s PEPPOL ID is 0007:2021006255. The format that the Swedish Pensions Agencycan accept in the PEPPOL network is PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.

If you have questions about sending electronic invoices to the Swedish Pensions Agency, contact us at:

At the Swedish Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) . External link, opens in new window. you can read more about mandatory electronic invoicing to government authorities.

If you do not currently send electronic invoices

If you do not have an electronic invoice solution or cannot for some reason use the above channel, you can use the supplier portal Visma Procedo Supplier Center. In this portal you register the invoices manually and they are then forwarded electronically to us.

Note that when you go to select invoice recipient inthe supplier portal you must search the government service centre, Statens servicecenter, to find the Swedish Pensions Agency.

Physical invoice address

Any reminders and similars notices cannot be sent electronically. Please use the Swedish Pensions Agency’s physical invoicing address shown below for this type of communication.

Swedish Pensions Agency, FE 7799, 831 90 Stockholm, Sweden

If you wish to start using electronic invoicing

Contact us by email,, if you would like to start using the supplier portal. We will then invite you my email to register on the portal. Once you have registered you will receive another email containing your login information.