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Accessibility on the website

All of the pages on are accessibility-adapted. We continuously strive to optimize the digital accessibility of our website. Our aim is that all information and all services on the website will be available for everyone’s use, regardless of personal or technical ability.

The level of accessibility that our website,, must exhibit is a fundamental digital accessibility in accordance with the “accessibility standard”, WCAG 2.1 on the AA level.

More about guidelines and standards for digital accessibility External link.

Assistive technology

The content of the pages is arranged in a logical order to make it easier to navigate using the keyboard instead of a mouse, or a screen reader.

Screen readers

Our website is designed to support assistive technologies, such as the most common screen readers.

Text size and zooming

To make the content and text size of a page larger you can change it to whatever size suits you best. You can do this in different ways depending on the browser and device you are using. Use the browser’s built-in function for changing character size or zooming in or out. On a touch screen you can also use your fingers to zoom in or out.

Navigating using the keyboard

If you have difficulty using a mouse, it is often easier to navigate using your keyboard. The content of the pages is arranged in a logical order to make it easier to navigate using the keyboard.

  • Most browsers allow you to use the Tab key on the keyboard to jump between links and the Enter or Return key to activate a link.
  • To jump to the preceding link hold the Shift key down while pressing the Tab key.
  • If this does not work in your browser, the browser documention or help system should contain instructions telling you what to do.

Downloading files

On our website, pdf is the most common format for documents and forms. There are also documents in Word or Excel.

A common freeware for reading pdf files is Adobe Reader. If you do not have software that can read the Word, Excel or PowerPoint file formats, you can download Microsoft Viewers for these formats for free.

Accessibility report

There is an accessibility report describing the accessibility shortcomings of our website and how to contact us if you discover something that is not accessible.

Accessibility report